Cakes & Barrages

Light the fuse and stand well back to enjoy the display.
We design and produce some of the best cakes in the country ranging from 8 - 110!
Please watch some of our videos to see which ones you like!





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Little Stars - £5  

Dark Matter - £15

  Kaleidoscope - £5

16 SHOT. These shoot up into the sky with silver tails, then spin into a glittering whirlwind.


36 SHOT. A great value cake with a multitude of silver palm star bursts.


25 SHOT. This is the smallest of our fan cakes with a multitude of coloured star that will span the sky.  

Brocade Pearl - £15   Starry Night - £15   Red Chrysanthemum - £15

10 SHOT. This cake fires up beautiful brocades with blue stars. These gold and blue bursts trail huge glittering stars across the sky.


10 SHOT. Red dahlia bursts with green and white strobing stars that crackle on their descent.


10 SHOT. Red Chrysanthemums bursts with golden tails.

Glittering Palms - £15   Cosmic Strobe - £15  

Lemon Dahlia - £15


10 SHOT. Red tail to silver palm trees with glittering stars.


10 SHOT. Red tails to golden palm bursts with strobing stars.


10 SHOT. A great value cake with a multitude of silver palm star bursts.

Spaceborne raider - £15   Scorpion - £18 - SOLD OUT  


82 SHOT. One of the best roman candle barrages around. Rapid fire and multiple colours!


25 SHOT. This is defiantly one to annoy the neighbours! Screaming whistles that zip across the sky!


Flying Fish - £25 - NOW 19 SHOT!   Orion's Belt - £20  

Strobing Willows - £25 SOLD OUT


19 SHOT. This is the most stunning effect and it is almost silent. Firing a comet into the night sky which breaks open to release a shoal of swimming fish. THIS YEAR IT HAS BEEN MADE INTO A 19 SHOT


16 SHOT. Silver mine to silver strobe star bursts then green mine to green strobing star bursts.  


19 SHOT. Shoots silver sparks that fall the ground like a willow tree.  

Mars Adventure - £25   Universal Meteor - £25  

Big World - £25


19 SHOT. Huge bursts of silver and green palms.


19 SHOT. Spinning silver tails that explode into a shower of multi coloured glittering palms.


19 SHOT. Huge bursts of blue and purple crackling stars.

    Andromeda - £25  

Supernova - £25


200 SHOT. Comprises of 200 shots of whistles and bangs.


19 SHOT. Blue comet tail to silver spinner to red peony with sea-blue strobe.


19 SHOT. 1*Red tail to brocade crown, 2*Purple tail to flower wave, 3*Silver tail to silver time rain palm tree, red tail to time rain chrysanthemum.

    Sirus - £30  

The Escalator - £40


25 SHOT. Awesome cake, multi effect with strobes, crackles and a great finale.


25 SHOT. Awesome cake, multi effect with green and red breaks with strobes.


31 SHOT. Personal favourite, including comets, fish, silver peony and a very impressive finish filling the sky with green stars.

Saturn's Rings - £60   Crystal Flare £40  

Quasar - £75


49 SHOT. Has effects that can rival Saturn's rings itself.

>Watch the video



64 SHOT. A massive explosion of silver strobes. A great firework for those who love silver.

Black Hole - £75   OMG - £110   OMG - £25

64 SHOT. You will defiantly get lost in one with this cake.


A cracking single ignition cake containing a wide variety of effects.  


A cake with just noise! Yep just loads of bangs!

Nebulous - £110   Galaxis - £100  

Ursa Major - £110


101 SHOT. This special single ignition cake contains effects used on professional displays to give you a larger display in a box.


90 SHOT. One of the best displays in a box on the market. This cake literally has it all with a very loud and explosive ending.


200 SHOT. This fast paced cake is packed full of effects

New fireworks in this year!

Meteor Strike - £90   Stormking £25  

Hercules - £110


76 SHOT. This stunning firework has strobing twinkling stars, weeping willows, crackles and whistles.



107 shots with loads of effects, V and W Fan shapes producing red purple starts with tails, green tail to green glitter, red white green tail to red white green wave, blue tail to blue brocade and a finale of whistling tails to crackling...

Nuclear Demolition - £110   Sun Flare - £110  

Magical Palms - £50


101 SHOT. This special single ignition cake contains effects used on professional displays to give you a larger display in a box.


132 SHOT. This single ignition cake is one we're very proud of, it's packed full of different effects and give you a true display in a box.


36 shot cake that produces huge red, green and yellow palm bursts accompanied by a silver glittering strobe punctuate the sky...


We provide firework displays nationwide and have firework display teams based in Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Essex, Hampshire, Devon, Somerset, Berkshire and Middlesex.


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